Film: Canterbury Tales (Promo)

Scene: Clip

Client: Mappa Mundi Theatre Company/Creative Mwldan

Description: We had a fun day out at the Sherman Theatre and locations in Cardiff for this bawdy promo to promote their latest stage production.

Film: Billy Cobham and Asere (Music and Arts profile)

Scene: Performance clip and interview from 45’ programme.

Client: Creative Mwldan

Description: A taste of a special arts profile. During an ad-hoc interview with Billy, he revealed his wealth of knowledge about the history of Jazz, and Cuban and Caribbean Music. I tried to interest him later in presenting a programme on the history of Jazz, but he declined. At least I had the chance to work with a drumming legend.

Film: ‘A Painting on the Road’.

Scene: Clip from video sequences.

Client: Mandy Painting/Creative Mwldan TV.

Description: The talented singer, pianist and performer, Mandy Painting, put on a one woman show at Theatre Mwldan, and she asked me to shoot and edit some video sequences for the show. We spent a wacky day shooting vox pops in Aberystwyth, getting people to sing, or muse on the meaning of life looking at a piece of red painted rock. Mandy had the gift, like Russell Harty, to talk to complete strangers on camera, and get them relaxed enough to reveal their personalities.

Film: Rational Creatures (Drama short)

Scene: All

Client: JW

Description: A writer, from Actors and Writers London wrote this lovely short piece, which was performed on stage. She re-wrote it for the camera, to be submitted for a competition. Working with the cameraman Richard Gibb, I helped direct as it was the first time behind the camera for her. The result is what you see here.

Film: Your Money’s Worth (Drama)

Scene: Psychiatrist’s Room

Client: Actor Showreel

Description: The psychiatrist needs more help than the client.

Film: Destination UK with Russell Harty (Corporate)

Scene: Sections from the film

Client: British Airways/Original Image

Description: The first in a monthly series, and one that I thought would run for a year.  I was really lucky to be offered this job, to work with Russell Harty, and interview the rich and famous such as Geoffery Archer and Sir Michael Hordern.  On the morning of the voice-over recording, we heard Russell was in hospital.  He never came out. Two days later he passed away.

Film:Sam Parry Showreel

Scene: Section from showreel.

Client: Sam Parry

Description: We had a fun time. I edited Sam’s ‘reel trying to show her comedy style, as she wanted.

Film: A Tinkling of Cymbals (Drama)

Scene: In the Chaplain’s Office

Client: Actor Showreel

Description: A clash of ideology about death between a doctor and the chaplain.  The last clip from a versatile actress whom I enjoy working with.

Film: The Six o Clock Show/Friday Now/Six o Clock Live (Broadcast/Live TV)

Scene: Various

Client: London Weekend Television

Description: A glimpse into four fun years at LWT.  The VT stories were shot in a day, editied in 8 hours, and in studio for the live show on a Friday evening.

Film: The Flood (Music Video)

Scene: Anorexia Blues/Obsolete Heroes

Client: The Flood

Description: The promotion of their new single.  A challenging project as I remember, involving several locations, hire of theatre stage space, friends roped in for extras, and I can’t remember how well it did in the charts, if it ever got there.

Film: A Traffic Warden’s Lot (Cinema comedy short)

Scene: Last half

Client: Hedley England Productions Ltd

Description: In the days when I had a limited company in my name, I wrote and directed this ambitious short with a great cast including my mother, and sold it to Rank Film Distributors.  I also sold it to HBO in the States. The yellow car was the same as used by the current Dr Who.

Film: Facing South (Broadcast Current Affairs)

Scene: Clip from ‘Locals get Lost’

Client: Television South

Description: Weekly current affairs series. This slightly ropey VHS copy describes the dilemma facing young people who cannot afford to live where they grew up.


Scene: Rolls Royce/Gaydon Technology

Client: The Central Office of Information

Description: The latest developments in car lean burn technology, and aircraft gas turbines.  I love engines, and had a great time, especially at Rolls Royce in Derby.